Are You Confused by the Information Presented by Companies Selling Colloidal Silver Products Online?


You Can Find Colloidal Silver Information You Can Trust

Are you looking for colloidal silver information that you can really trust? The reality is that there are a number of different websites that have been set up by companies trying to sell colloidal silver products. As a result, finding information from a reputable source can be difficult. After all, if a company is trying to sell its products, it is hard to tell that all of the information provided is truly accurate.

Although there are many great uses for colloidal silver — and many people have been able to use it to successfully treat a variety of illnesses and diseases, including cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS — there have also been some unfortunate cases related to these products.

In fact, a study conducted by a researcher named Leslie Taylor in 1995 found many disturbing things when she tested a variety of colloidal products she had purchased from a number of different health food stores. Some of these findings included…

* Two of the products were contaminated with microorganisms
* The amount of silver that was suspended in each of the different colloidal silver products varied
* The amount of silver in the colloidal silver products actually decreased over time
* Most of the products did not show any antibacterial activity when tested in the laboratory

Laboratory tests performed by the FDA found similar results to Taylor’s research, having found that the amount of silver in different products ranged from 15.2% to 124% of what was listed on the product label. As a result of this study and similar studies, the FDA has issued a warning that colloidal silver may not be effective or even safe to use. The FDA went on to warn the number of different side effects. Some of these include:

* Argyria (a blue-gray discoloration of the nails, skin and gums)
* Fatigue
* Headaches
* Indigestion
* Kidney Damage
* Seizures
* Skin Irritation

Unfortunately, it is true that there are many products on the market that do provide an inconsistent amount of suspended silver and can potentially lead to health complications. Furthermore, those companies that are only interested in making a quick buck off the positive reputation and may not take the steps that are necessary to prevent the amount of silver from decreasing over time.

Therefore, it is important to perform a thorough search through all available information so you can be certain to purchase a quality product that will provide the results you are after, safely and effectively. Also, many people feel it is cost effective to make their own using a generator purchased over the internet. These products are usually the cause of some of the more well known cases of argyria, since the true ingredients of the final product are unknown by the person making and drinking the product.

Source by Collin Eidsness

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